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Violent student protest silences Tomi Lahren’s speech at the University of New Mexico – RedState

Fox News personality Tomi Lahren visited the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque on Thursday to speak with the campus chapter of Turning Point USA, but had to be escorted to safety by New Mexico State Police after a violent mob entered the Student Union, past campus police guarding the doors of the auditorium where he was speaking, and nearly into the auditorium itself as he chanted, β€œF**k Tomi Lahren! Damn turning point!”

Lahren, his father and several members of the TPUSA chapter barricaded themselves in a back room of the student union for 45 minutes while campus police called for backup from the Albuquerque Police Department and the New Mexico State Police, according to an Instagram video. Live Lahren posted shortly after reaching safety.

Turning Point officials confirmed Lahren’s account and provided video of TPUSA chapter members exclusively to RedState.

Lahren’s appearance had been announced by the group for weeks and, as is often the case, the anti-free speech/anti-thought crowd made their displeasure known and threatened to protest. In the video of him, Lahren said that he had heard rumors about a protest, but thought it would be normal.

It’s usually small, it’s manageable, just some rowdy people, disaffected liberals, you know, the standard.

So, a protest started. We were in one room. They were outside, of course, yelling and chanting the F-word, gross stuff. And then he turned violent. They started pushing the officers who were guarding the door, trying to break down the door. I don’t know what they were trying to do to me and the others who were there listening to the speech, but they tried to break down the doors. Then, at one point, they almost made it through the door…

There were not enough officers present. I don’t think anyone knew it was going to be that bad. But then someone pulled the fire alarm. Alarms were going off everywhere and basically we’re all barricaded in this room, we can’t get out. The officers escorted me away for my safety. Then we hear reports of gunshots. apparently no shots were fired so thank goodness for that.

Lahren’s concern was not for herself, but for the students.

University of New Mexico, apparently they don’t care. They don’t care that the lives of the students are in danger, the lives of the guests are in danger. Like, don’t worry about me. You have your tuition-paying students who were in that room to hear a speaker, and they were in danger. We were all in danger.

As this compilation of videos from members of the UNM Turning Point USA chapter shows, campus police outside the auditorium were unable to stop the angry crowd from nearly storming out.

Lahren continued:

Then the state police had to be called. We had to call the emergency unit because it got that bad. We were holed up in the kitchen for probably around half an hour to 45 minutes. My dad was with me, and with the people from TPUSA, a couple of people from the university, barricaded in a back room and waiting for the State Police to come so they could be escorted out of this town.

Protests are one thing, but the unbridled anger and utter disrespect for campus officials shown by the protesters (I won’t characterize all of them as students, as some reporters who covered the event said community groups worked to organize the protests alongside campus groups.) Take it to the next level. As Lahren says:

I am dumbfounded that people can be so disgusting, so violent, so mean to their classmates. Don’t worry about me if you don’t like me… but the fact that they were doing that and threatening violence and trying to not only push the officers but also, you know, hurt their classmates, that’s disgusting and disturbing. on another level. And what is even worse is that these people feel that they can get away with it. They are so emboldened because they know that the university is not going to do anything.

They had to call the Albuquerque police and the New Mexico State Police. That’s how bad it got, but the university doesn’t support their officers, they don’t make sure that the people who are in the university are safe.

But if anybody got hurt, that’s on — certainly on the president of the University of New Mexico, who, frankly, apparently doesn’t care about his students if they’re conservative… I’m so upset.

Protesters apparently thought that since Lahren’s speech was on the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, it was planned as some kind of snub to Hispanic and “Indigenous” students. This guy, a former member of the student newspaper, decided to sneak into the speech as some sort of badge of honor.

But this is how the TPUSA chapter announced it.

And this student, on her first protest as an adult, wow, what a milestone! She – she somehow she thought singing β€œBlack Lives Matter” was the perfect way to get the message across that β€œTomi Lahren is not welcome on tribal land.”

However, compared to these students shouting “F**k Tomi Lahren” or “F**k Turning Point”, the students around Victoria spoke extremely well.

This self-described organizer bragged that “Tomi Lahren was kicked off the UNM campus and it took less than an hour to break,” but seemed to add a bit of menace. β€œGet your ass to the airport tonight. Fuck you. Go home. They don’t want you here, you fucking racist. Salt!”

UNM student and Turning Point USA supporter Zach Moore said:

As a long-time student and supporter of Turning Point USA, I am saddened by how this event turned out. For the safety of our speaker, club officials and attendees, our event was interrupted after a group of protesters attempted to violently enter the room. I am totally in favor of freedom of expression, but threatening a group of colleagues and individuals is unacceptable.

I would like to thank the University of New Mexico Police Department for protecting everyone who attended the event, as well as the Albuquerque Police Department, the New Mexico State Police, and the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office. This event showcased the power that Turning Point USA has at UNM to affect a deep blue state like New Mexico in fighting for what we believe in.

Unsurprisingly, here is the headline from the Daily Lobo.


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